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Hi everyone,

I am working  on aligning DMOP ontology with Cyc. First of all, the idea is to find the similar Cyc concepts (if they exist) and to connect them with DMOP classes, individuals, relations. It is also important to appropriately use the available lexical information from the DMOP ontology. In Cyc the lexical information can be encoded with a number of predicates (relations), such as "nameString", "termStrings", "comment" et al.

I am also planning to use Cyc predicate (relation) rdfURI, which allows connecting the ontology concept with RDF identifier.

Submitted by hilario on Thu, 05/01/2012 - 11:23


We would like to develop a "Resources" section that will gather information about, and links to, all available resources concerning data mining ontologies and related topics. The goal is to make the DMO Foundry portal a one-stop shop for  all information concerning data mining ontologies, their use cases, and potentially other types of ontologies (e.g. domain ontologies) that have been used to support the data mining process.

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To explain metamodeling in DMOP, let's recall four of its core concepts: DM-Task, DM-Algorithm (an implementation of which is called a DM-Operator), DM-Data and DM-Hypothesis (i.e., either a (global) model or a (local) pattern). Any DM process is the achievement of a sequence or graph of tasks, each of which is achieved by executing a set of operators (algortihm implementations). The two endpoints of a DM-Process are DM-Data (input) and DM-Hypothesis (output); however, within the process, an instance of DM-Data can be an output of a subprocess (e.g.

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This question is addressed to Subgroup Discovery experts. Are all SD algorithms supervised? When I run the following DL Query in DMOP:

DM-Algorithm and specifiesInputType some CategoricalLabeledDataSet

I get a list including:

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Hi All,

We are currently writing a parser that will generate an RDF representation of a data mining process from the *.xml representation of the Rapid Miner process. We would like to somehow connect the information on the performance of the process to the process, but currently I am not sure which property to use in DMOP to represent it. There is no property like hasPerformace.

I would be happy to receive any ideas.



PS. I am creating also an issue for that in Cicero connected to PerformanceMeasure class. 

Submitted by AgnieszkaLawrynowicz on Fri, 14/10/2011 - 10:46


Hi All,

An idea of starting the DMO-Foundry emerged last year at the DMO (Data Mining Ontology) Jamboree in Ljubljana.

One major thing that we have started there was a discussion on the common set of minimal terms for data mining doain, that could constitute future "DMO Light", very lightweight ontology with basic data mining conceptualization that each data mining ontology can map to.

At the website you can see the result of the discussion on the blackboard resulting in the set of 7 core concepts:-)

Submitted by hilario on Fri, 07/10/2011 - 18:37


Dataset characteristics are meta-features (e.g., number of instances, number of features) used to describe a dataset. They play an important role in the meta-analysis of data mining experimental results, as they serve to determine regions of the instance space where specific algorithms are locally superior to others. Dataset characteristics have been a constant focus of meta-learning research since the 1990s.

Submitted by Tope on Wed, 05/10/2011 - 12:41



We have created a semantic data mining ontology for the social web. It's at: . More information is in our paper:  Leveraging Social Network Analysis with Topic Models and the Semantic Web .

Feedback welcomed.

Please contact Sebastian Rios at University of Chile and Tope Omitola at University of Southampton



Tope Omitola

Submitted by hilario on Sun, 02/10/2011 - 22:27


To kickstart the DMO-Foundry forum, here is a (far from exhaustive) list of open issues concerning DMOP. You are welcome to initiate, or contribute to, a discussion thread on any of these issues (as well as any others you find worth discussing):

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