[DM] Are all subgroup discovery algorithms supervised?

Submitted by hilario on Mon, 14/11/2011 - 12:53


This question is addressed to Subgroup Discovery experts. Are all SD algorithms supervised? When I run the following DL Query in DMOP:

DM-Algorithm and specifiesInputType some CategoricalLabeledDataSet

I get a list including:

  • ClassificationModelingAlgorithm (and all its subclasses and instances)
  • CN2-SD-Algorithm
  • SD-Algorithm

but not SubgroupDiscoveryAlgorithm.

This implies that there are or can be unsupervised subgroup discovery algorithms. Is this correct?

[DM] Are all subgroup discovery algorithms supervised?

In the absence of feedback, I'm replying to my own question. It seems subgroup discovery is by definition supervised.(Atzmueller 2005, Lavrac et al., 2004).

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