How to join

The DMO Foundry and its ontologies are freely available for navigation using the OWL Browser. You can, for instance, explore the pilot ontology, DMOP, by clicking here and pressing the LOAD button

If you wish to participate actively in ontology development, please register first to get a password-protected login. You can then contribute to the ontology of your choice following one of three collaboration modes or scenarios:

  1. DM practitioners and DM ontology users can freely contribute comments and suggest additions or revisions to the target ontology; the quality committee will review all suggestions and select useful ones for implementation, possibly with the help of the proposal authors.
  2. Data miners not familiar with ontology development can fill up predesigned templates with values of specific properties of data mining algorithms, models, software implementations, etc. Completed templates will be screened by the quality committee prior to integration into the target ontology.
  3. Data mining experts with experience in ontology authoring will develop sub-ontologies whose scope is determined in agreement with the target ontology's quality committee.

The figure below gives an overview of the major collaboration modes.



To support these diverse collaboration scenarios, each DMO Foundry ontology has its own Collaborative Ontology Development Platform (CODeP), which consists of the following resources: a DMO OWL Browser for navigating the ontology, the Populous tool for populating the ontology, the Cicero Argumentation tool for discussing issues related to the ontology, and open forums for discussing broader issues concerning the ontology's design and content, both from a data mining and an ontological engineering perspective.

  • For a description of these tools, click on "Collaboration Tools" under the "How to Join" tab.
  • To access and use any tool, hover on the "Ontologies" tab, then on the desired ontology, and click on the selected tool.


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