Social Web Semantic Data Mining Ontology

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We have created a semantic data mining ontology for the social web. It's at: . More information is in our paper:  Leveraging Social Network Analysis with Topic Models and the Semantic Web .

Feedback welcomed.

Please contact Sebastian Rios at University of Chile and Tope Omitola at University of Southampton



Tope Omitola

Social Web Semantic Data Mining Ontology

Hi Tope,

Thank you for an interesting comment which I have finally gone through:-)

Your paper and your work on SNA reminds me that there is a clear gap in our DMOP ontology as well as (to my knowledge on the content of another data mining ontologies) in representing a group of methods for Social Network Analysis. Actually this is a growing field within data mining.

I must confess, it seems challenging for me even to start modelling such a branch of SNA algorithms, models etc. Maybe you have any ideas of how to define and where to place the main concepts to start such a branch of SNA as a subfield of data mining?When you browse DMOP, you can see that our main concepts are Task, Algorithm, Data (what is on input to algorithms), Hypothesis (output of an algorithm) Any ideas or feedback on that? Or on any taxonomy of SNA methods you know from literature etc.?

The other thread is that I like you are using SIOC to deal with SNA. It makes me think that it could also make sense to somehow use it while modelling the domain of recommender systems. Recommender systems are also closely related to data mining (and it is another gap in DMOP). We are currently coping with trying to model some of recommender systems related concepts in the ontology for data mining workflow ontology (DMWF)    

Cheers, and thanks,



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