The DMO Foundry

Welcome to the DMO (Data Mining Ontology) Foundry.

The goal of the DMO Foundry is to gather the most significant ontologies concerning data mining as well as the different algorithms and resources that have been developed to support the knowledge discovery process.

Each ontology in the DMO Foundry is freely available for browsing and open discussion, as well as collaborative development, by data mining specialists all over the world. For this reason, each ontology is associated with an Editorial Board and its own Collaborative Ontology Development Platform (CODeP). The role of the Editorial Board is to monitor and screen community contributions in order to ensure that the resulting ontology meets the highest standards of consistency and accuracy. The CODeP provides the infrastructure that allows visitors to browse and drill down the ontology, discuss its strengths and weaknesses, suggest measures for extension or refinement, or participate more directly in ontology development.

To find out how you can participate in ontology development, click on the "Join us" tab at the top of this page. To actually access  and navigate an ontology, and contribute to it, click on the "Ontologies" tab, then on your selected ontology and its OWL Browser  tool.

Please note that until the end of March 2012, this site is being road-tested on the Data Mining OPtimization (DMOP) Ontology developed in the EU FP7 ICT project e-LICO (2009-2012).  We have already identified a number of other DM ontologies to invite as soon as the DMO Foundry portal is fully operational.